Garden 2014

So the days are finally warm enough!
My 2014 garden is planted!
My cold weather crops are doing great. I have a row of onions and garlic right down the middle that are growing right up. I have a couple of rough potato plants that have popped up from somewhere.
I planted two different types of green beans.
3 Different types of cucumbers.
And 6 tomato plants here. 
My tulips and daffodils are all but gone, but the corn flowers that I planted around them are coming along nicely. 
My sweet peas are looking great!
At the end of my courtyard, I got permission from the tenant to plant along the fence. 
I finished all my planting this evening. 
9 more tomato plants here. 
A zucchini, two watermelon, a yellow squash, and a little white patty pan squash. 
We shall see how it goes.
This year I used a new type of fertilizer and I tried a black tarp on this section. It helps with having to water less, and keeps the plants hotter, helping them grow better. I have had some pansies there for a few weeks now and they are doing so well. I hardly water, and they are getting huge. So we will see. 

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