Visiting With Mom and Dad

We had a pretty great few days with Grandma and Grandpa. The did some bouncing between us and Cam and KP. BUT because I am home during the day, I got lucky to be with them lots.

Mirah, however was busy at school. In fact, she had CRAZY sock day


After we dropped Mirah off at school, we went over and saw Mom and Dad at their house! I still love to say that.

IMG_8483.JPG IMG_8484.JPG

After chatting a little, we went over to their local DI. Just to check some stuff out.

IMG_8486.JPG IMG_8487.JPG

Then we went over to BYU, and I got mom some chocolate covered cinnamon bears and a sweater for Christmas.

IMG_8488.JPG IMG_8489.JPG

Wednesday we spent the WHOLE day at the house. I did video recording of them, talking and answering questions about themselves and their lives. It was a long intense day. Love these two.

IMG_8490.JPG IMG_8491.JPG

We made rolls, in prep for Thanksgiving, and even worked on the chocolate pie crust.

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