Another Award for Mirah

I got an email from the school. Mirah had won another award for her book. She received another trophy, from Orem City PTA Council. So while at the Beehive Bezaar, I found these amazing dolls and coloring books:

IMG_8615.JPG IMG_8617.JPG

We missed the ceremony due to my, forgetting. Things have been nuts with Lucas’s sickness. Ugh. So I freaked out, called the school and was able to get this set up. The Principal was still out, so the Vice Principal was able to give her the award.

IMG_8618.JPG IMG_8619.JPG
IMG_8620.JPG IMG_8621.JPG



IMG_8622.JPG IMG_8623.JPG

I think she may have liked the dolls more than the trophy.

IMG_8624.JPG IMG_8625.JPG





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