Mother’s Day

What a wonderful day. Well, sort of.
Our flight/ trip home from Chicago was great Mirah miraculously slept the entire time. 
I however got sick, and have been sick ever since.

I missed church, but Mirah brought me a love note back. 

Karl and Mirah also gave me a card.

 Also, you may remember this BEAUTY that they got me at the Navy Pier.

Maryn too. Plus lots of love from friends and family on Facebook. 

Best of all we got to Chat with Belle! She will be home in October. Crazy. 
I am just so grateful to have this lovely little lady in my life, making me a mom. 
Thanks to everyone who made it such a special day. And of course thanks you to all my mom’s out there. I love you all so much. Grateful for you and your love everyday of my life. 

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