Super Christmas Saturday!

This was one of those days where there were not enough hours in the day to do all the things we needed/wanted to do.

The whole morning was filled with church stuff. One of our primary children was getting baptized, so I had that to go to. Baptisms take the whole morning, so as soon as that was over, there was a funeral for one of our neighbors. Ron Hack died last week of cancer. It’s been a mess. I was up early and just didn’t feel up to it after all. So I missed it.

After lunch we went up to the BYU Marriot Center, for Christmas Around the World. It is put on by the BYU folk dancers.

Parking at the Marriot Center is the worst. But we managed to not get a totally terrible spot.


Before the performance there were dancers in their costumes out meeting people and taking pictures. The kids got a shot with a group in Guatemalan folk costumes.

IMG_8651.JPG IMG_8652.JPG

The stairs in the Marriot Center are so stinking steep! The stage was set, and we were all excited for the show!


There was live music provided by BUY’s very own folk group.

IMG_8653.JPG IMG_8654.JPG

It was a very enjoyable show. The kids loved it, and we had a nice time. There was a Bollywood style number that was probably my favorite. There are a bunch of the styles of dance in this video.

After the show we went home. We started our ginger bread creations.

IMG_8663.JPG IMG_8664.JPG

The package on the gingerbread sets said that you have to wait EIGHT hours to deocrate…

So we went to dinner then out to Utah Lake to Christmas in Color!


I love this place. One of my favorite Christmas traditions.

IMG_8667.JPG IMG_8669.JPG



After Christmas in Color we went to a local Mortuary in Orem. They have a live Nativity every year, so we thought we would stop by to check it out. They also had lots of hot coco and donuts. Which we enjoyed.


Five minutes in…He started to get cold. We had been in the warm car, and it had got colder the later it got.

IMG_8671.JPG IMG_8672.JPG

The live Nativity.


Lucas’s teeth chattering.

IMG_8675.JPG IMG_8676.JPG
IMG_8677.JPG IMG_8679.JPG

We got home, and it was almost bed time, but we had to decorate our ginger bread houses.

IMG_8680.JPG IMG_8681.JPG
IMG_8685.JPG IMG_8688.JPG

Karl is a very talented decorator.

IMG_8682.JPG IMG_8687.JPG


IMG_8689.JPG IMG_8690.JPG
IMG_8691.JPG  IMG_8692.JPG


IMG_8695.JPG IMG_8694.JPG


IMG_8693.JPG  IMG_8696.JPG


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