It’s A Wonderful Like and Spudnuts 2018

Today was Sunday, and we were haivng people over to celbrate another Christmas Tradition, watching It’s a Wonderful Life and eating Dounuts.

The kids were already getting Chistmasy in their Christmas outfits. We did our Christmas advent calendars.

IMG_8869.JPG IMG_8870.JPG

Karl had just installed some smart home stuff. The kids loved to play with it.

After church and dinner, Malia arrived with this old tupperware that used to be Grandma Neal’s. Full of treats that Grandma Neal used to make.

IMG_8894.JPG IMG_8893.JPG

Next we did a cousins gift exchange. WHICH I forgot about.


Thankfully Besty brought enough for everyone.

IMG_8879.JPG IMG_8880.JPG


IMG_8878.JPG IMG_8883.JPG


IMG_8875.JPG IMG_8876.JPG
IMG_8881.JPG IMG_8882.JPG

Lucas and Mirah love their Aunt Malia. Where is Betsy, she was here.

IMG_8884.JPG IMG_8885.JPG IMG_8886.JPG

All the kids, as we got the movie started.

IMG_8890.JPG IMG_8891.JPG

Hot Dog!!


Krysta and Lucas getting some time.

IMG_8896.JPG IMG_8897.JPG IMG_8898.JPG


This is a game that started who knows when. The little girls LOVE it when Karl pretend to punch them, they think it is SO fnny.

IMG_8899.JPG IMG_8900.JPG
IMG_8902.JPG IMG_8904.JPG


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