Mirah Lately: Writings, Drawings, Books.

To say Mirah is PROLIFIC is an understatement.

The following are just a sampling of the things she has created over the past months. LOTS have been lost to mean old mom and her need for clean.

But look at this wonderful child. She is just so smart and good. I am just so proud of her. She is reading at a 3-4th grade level. She is at the top of her class in everything. She is excelling at Chinese and math, and spelling, and writing, and of course reading. She is reading the 3-4th grade Battle of the Books reading list. We read these “poems for two voices” together this weekend. They were all about bugs, and it was so fun. She IS having some trouble staying in her seat in class. She wants to be good, and not get into trouble, but she is easily distracted, and so so social that she talks with her neighbor all the time. We are working with her teachers to try and help her stay on task, but it’s tough. I don’t want to squash her perfect ego right now.

She is just the best thing there ever was. She is sweet to her brother who is sick right now. She loves to help cook, and clean, and is a little inventor, always looking for creative solutions.

She has the best sense of humor. She is always riffing on songs, and making jokes. She can be very sarcastic, and I just love to chat with her about everything.

Here she is on Sunday morning, before church last week. She was practicing writing her Chinese characters and wanted to show us what she knew. Totally unprompted, just wanted to. It was really sweet.

IMG_2483.JPG IMG_2484.JPG

Right side up:


Live in action.

Yesterday we were cleaning out her room, and desk, AGAIN. And here were some of the beauties that came to the top of the pile:

These pictures are the left over decorations Mirah made for Krysta’s birthday party last week. She taped, pinned, and GLUED them up onto the walls. YES, GLUED. YES PINNED. I took them down, but kept them, because she did such a great job.

IMG_2637.JPG IMG_2607.JPG IMG_2606.JPG

This is what she describes as “one of my most favorite things I ever made.”


It’s pretty great. It’s a palm tree over sand.

Below is a book she wrote about one of her favorite shows, “Glitter Force.”

The first two pictures are the front and back covers.

Yes, she spelled Glitter Force “Glitr Fors”

IMG_2609.JPG IMG_2613.JPG
IMG_2610.JPG IMG_2611.JPG
IMG_2612.JPG Glitter




A drawing of her Primary class.


Left: A Valentine that never got delivered.

Right: “A picture of a Story of a Giant that was happy, and then it saw a mouse and was really scared”- Mirah.

IMG_2614.JPG IMG_2635.JPG

She loves the show Miraculous Ladybug. It’s about a girl who lives in Paris, who has super powers and becomes a Ladybug superhero. Her name is Marinette. She drew her in both her different looks.

IMG_2616.JPG IMG_2617.JPG

A lantern she made at home, on her own, for the Lantern Festival, that we missed because we were out of town again.

IMG_2619.JPG IMG_2620.JPG

Mirah: “These are like the pins that you have when you are at a bowling alley, that you hit with the ball…”

Me: “Bowling pins?”

Mirah: “Yeah, bowling pins.”



Another little book she made. It is drawn on to this flower paper my mom gave her, and it is really hard to see, but she wrote and drew picture on every page.

The book is all about the things she loves:

I love the pool,

My hand,

I love Grandma and Grandpa

I love Lucas, He is my Brother

I love Unicorns

I love Mermaids

I love Mom and Dad

I love ____ and ____ that are moving today

I love making believe

I love chicken noodle soup

I love my “Batedin”

IMG_2622.JPG IMG_2625.JPG
IMG_2623.JPG IMG_2624.JPG
IMG_2626.JPG IMG_2627.JPG
IMG_2628.JPG IMG_2629.JPG
IMG_2630.JPG IMG_2631.JPG
IMG_2632.JPG IMG_2633.JPG


Left: Other things she likes and wanted to draw:

A seal, A hill, A bell, a drill, a meal

Right: Karen has shown her a new way to draw eyes, and she is trying it out on lots of different things. She also wanted to make a book, so she did some practice drawings for the book.

IMG_2636.JPG IMG_2638.JPG

Left: Self portrait of herself and Lucas.

Center: Experimenting with cutting.

Right: A helicopter made with things from around the house.

IMG_2639.JPG IMG_2640.JPG IMG_2641.JPG

Left: A Caterpillar

Right: Her hand

IMG_2642.JPG IMG_2643.JPG


Stories that she wrote about the pictures she drew.


IMG_2644.JPG IMG_2645.JPG
IMG_2646.JPG IMG_2647.JPG


Left: A rouge left over drawing from her book.

Right: More cutting practice.

IMG_2648.JPG IMG_2649.JPG


Her book, as labeled.

IMG_2665.JPG IMG_2650.JPG
IMG_2651.JPG IMG_2652.JPG
IMG_2653.JPG IMG_2654.JPG
IMG_2655.JPG IMG_2656.JPG
IMG_2657.JPG IMG_2658.JPG
IMG_2659.JPG IMG_2660.JPG
IMG_2661.JPG IMG_2662.JPG
IMG_2663.JPG IMG_2664.JPG

Her lantern she made in art.

IMG_2667.JPG IMG_2668.JPG IMG_2669.JPG

Her lantern she made in class for the lantern festival.

IMG_2670.JPG IMG_2671.JPG
IMG_2672.JPG IMG_2673.JPG


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