Lots of Little Things

  It’s been a busy and mostly good week, but a few memorable things happened that I thought would be interesting to note. The first thing, was that Trump, the unfortunate President of our beloved country, came to the Imperial Valley to check out the boarder wall for himself. It was kind of shocking. Like no on told me it was happening. This article just popped up on my daily news feed.


His reception was mixed:

No one I know went.  But, it was weird.

Mornings in my home these days…things are not great. The kids get up early, but they just can not be bothered to get ready, do their chores, or even go to the bathroom. This was what I found when I went in one morning this week. Mirah didn’t even greet me. She just continued coloring. I had already sent Lucas out to go to the bathroom, but he had been in there too.



I’ve been pretty great about going to the gym for a while, which isn’t the thing that happened…


While I was working out once this week, the fire men came and did a little presentation for the kids. Lucas got a hat, and a sticker, and a pencil, and a fire hat pencil topper.

IMG_4584.JPG IMG_4585.JPG

Mirah is still in singer’s company, and she is getting excited for her spring performance.


We visited Krysta at work, and she was just so excited to see us, and still was at work…but still played with Lucas.


IMG_4589.JPG IMG_4590.JPG

Another HUGE but little thing, Mom turned in her retirement paperwork this week! Yes! She decided not to retire. THEN the district came forward and said that they would pay 70% of her annual salary to anyone who would retire. They just needed someone to retire. BUT 10 people HAD to retire. Mom was #7.

Crossing her fingers that it works out!



We went to Lowes Extreme Air with Devanie and Dane this week. Lucas was in heaven.

IMG_4647.JPG IMG_4648.JPG
IMG_4649.JPG IMG_4652.JPG
IMG_4651.JPG IMG_4656.JPG
IMG_4654.JPG IMG_4650.JPG



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