Sudden Farewell to Mom and Dad

Monday morning, I was getting ready to take the kids to school when my mom called and said that they had decided to leave that morning. So we made the most of it. Mom and Dad brought Mirah her birthday present. An art kit, picked out by Grandpa from the BYU bookstore. A new swim suit, just in time! And a little Unicorn toy, her favorite.

IMG_5260.JPG IMG_5262.JPG IMG_5261.JPG IMG_5263.JPG

Then Mirah played her recital songs for them.

One final family photo on the front porch.


Lucas was NOT cooperating.

IMG_5268.JPG IMG_5269.JPG
IMG_5266.JPG IMG_5267.JPG

Mirah was late for school, but still had a good day. Mom and dad were home by dinner time.

And things were back to normal.




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