Sledding with Cousins

We had a couple of snow storms this week, so we have been sledding a couple of times. Today was better than the other day for a few reasons. 
1. We got out first thing, so it was light out. 
2. It was warm! The car’s thermometer was 42!
3. We were just finished with an amazing breakfast from Guru’s
(Karl got a side of bacon to us as a fork to eat his omelet)
4. We were with these cute chuckle heads:
You see these little kids have a birthday coming up next week, and these sleds are gifts from their grandparents. They were delighted with them. Moments before this picture was taken, we were inside. We asked them if they knew that it was almost their birthday. They both answered in the affirmative. Well guess what, Grandma and Grandpa have some presents for them for their birthday. Do you guys like present? YEAH! I ran out and got the sleds. Asher picked the polar bear sled first, which was just fine with Judah because he wanted the penguin sled anyway. After a brief demonstration, they were off! 
The only drawback? 
 Stomping through the snow was hard work!
Asher figured out ways around that. 
 The kids LOVED it! 

 Judah decided that he wanted to give Mirah a ride.

 Mirah thought it was hilarious.

 Then the boys lost interest. 
Mirah was bummed.
 Asher was getting board, so we asked if he wanted to go to the park. 
 We went over to a park close by.
There was a couple of little hills and a field full of snow to play in.
 Asher sliding down.

 Eventually the boys saw the playground nearby. 
They just wanted to play.
 After playing for a while, Asher asked to go to another park.
So we packed the kids up and headed out.

 Asher took his sled out, but Judah caught a ride.
 Loved it.

 We got to Joquine park a bit later. The collage students had already had their way with that park though, and the snow wasn’t as good. 
 Still, there was this.

 Mirah needed a diaper change and it was getting near to nap time.
So we headed home. 

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