Mom and Dad in Town

In a sudden change of plans, mom and Dad ended up coming for their spring visit a week earlier than they had originally scheduled. Which meant mom had to miss a few days of school, which she HATED, but…I mean look at her face, she was happy to be here with us. Dad on the other hand…

IMG_4742.JPG IMG_4743.JPG

You would never know that he was eating a rootbeer float at this moment. 😉 JK Dad. They arrived on Saturday, but we didn’t really see them much until Sunday night for dinner. We had them and the Cam/Kelly Pipkin’s over for dinner at our place. (Tacos with Rootbeer floats.)

It was the first time I had seen Cam’s kids for months, and they all seemed so grown up! And cute!

IMG_4735.JPG IMG_4736.JPG
IMG_4737.JPG IMG_4738.JPG

Mirah, Reese and Sloan.

IMG_4741.JPG IMG_4744.JPG IMG_4740.JPG

I mean this kid, he’s almost 1 year old!! And look at his one tooth!!! Ash-what a sweetheart!!!

IMG_4749.JPG IMG_4745.JPG IMG_4746.JPG

Cutie one tooth!!!


The weather had gotten rainy, and and cold with their arrival. Still they were happy to have us over while they took care of things for the house during their visit. Somehow Mom always ends up on the floor doing puzzles with Lucas.

IMG_4752.JPG IMG_4753.JPG

Oh and reading books, so so many books.


We eneded up with Grandma and Grandpa most days the week they came. Here we are one morning arriving at their house.


I think mom likes Lucas.

IMG_4762.JPG IMG_4764.JPG
IMG_4760.JPG IMG_4761.JPG

Oh and did I mention reading books together? Mom loves to read them books.

IMG_4767.JPG IMG_4766.JPG

On Wednesday night, we had another dinner, and Malia broke the big news that she had a new job-for the STATE OF UTAH!!! Yeah! So I invited her to dinner with all of us, and ran to costco to get this:


Since it was her cake, I sliced her a piece that was 1/4 of the whole thing…to celebrate.

IMG_4776.JPG IMG_4777.JPG

Dad ate his with milk, and we were all excited to be together.

IMG_4773.JPG IMG_4774.JPG


Friday morning mom, Lucas and I went to the BYU MOA to show mom the Windswept exhibit. She of course loved it and thought it was “so cool!’

IMG_4970.JPG IMG_4968.JPG






IMG_4975.JPG IMG_4972.JPG
IMG_4971.JPG IMG_4977.JPG

We also checked out a new exhibit that was photographs about Promontory Point and the arrival of the railroad in the west.

IMG_4980.JPG IMG_4979.JPG

Its always so great to have mom in town!

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