Easter Weekend with the Pipkins

After spending the morning with cleaning the house and Ukulele lessons, we headed over to Cam’s house. Mom and Dad were already there. Dad and Cam had been spending the past few days working on sprinklers. Mom was with the boys. Kelly was at work.

Mom was happy as a clam with this little guy in her arms.

IMG_4989.JPG IMG_4990.JPG

Just look how big he has gotten!


Cam came in for a little break.

IMG_4991.JPG IMG_4993.JPG

It took a few minutes, but we got all set up to dye Easter Eggs.

IMG_4995.JPG IMG_4996.JPG

The didn’t have a table out back, or at least not one that Cameron was aware of. So we used a box that a mattress had come in the day before. I’m not sure that Cam’s kids had done this before, but they were having fun with it.

IMG_4997.JPG IMG_4998.JPG IMG_4999.JPG IMG_5002.JPG
IMG_5003.JPG IMG_5012.JPG
IMG_5005.JPG IMG_5006.JPG
IMG_5007.JPG IMG_5008.JPG
IMG_5010.JPG IMG_5011.JPG
IMG_5013.JPG IMG_5014.JPG


IMG_5017.JPG IMG_5018.JPG




IMG_5022.JPG IMG_5023.JPG


IMG_5024.JPG IMG_5025.JPG
IMG_5027.JPG IMG_5028.JPG
IMG_5026.JPG IMG_5029.JPG

One of the sets came with facial stickers.

IMG_5030.JPG IMG_5031.JPG
IMG_5032.JPG IMG_5033.JPG
IMG_5034.JPG IMG_5036.JPG


After dying eggs, Mom, Kelly, and I hid eggs in the side yard in the front of the house. Then let the kids loose to hunt!


It was pretty cute.

IMG_5038.JPG IMG_5040.JPG
IMG_5041.JPG IMG_5042.JPG
IMG_5043.JPG IMG_5044.JPG






IMG_5048.JPG IMG_5050.JPG


IMG_5052.JPG IMG_5053.JPG
IMG_5055.JPG IMG_5054.JPG

Each of the kids got 12 eggs.

IMG_5056.JPG IMG_5057.JPG
IMG_5058.JPG IMG_5059.JPG
IMG_5061.JPG IMG_5062.JPG
IMG_5063.JPG IMG_5064.JPG

After all of that excitement, the kids just wanted to chill, play video games, and eat candy.

IMG_5065.JPG IMG_5066.JPG IMG_5067.JPG
IMG_5068.JPG IMG_5070.JPG IMG_5071.JPG

Really mostly eat candy.

So Karl and Kelly went head to head at Dr. Mario.

IMG_5072.JPG IMG_5074.JPG IMG_5073.JPG

And Cameron and Dad called it quites out front for a while.

IMG_5075.JPG IMG_5076.JPG
IMG_5077.JPG IMG_5078.JPG

When they went back to work, Mom, of course read books and Karl hung out with baby Ash.

IMG_5079.JPG IMG_5080.JPG IMG_5081.JPG

Cam and Kelly went to the store together, so Dad came in and joined the hang. Sloan thought he needed a shoulder ride.

IMG_5082.JPG IMG_5083.JPG
IMG_5084.JPG IMG_5085.JPG

Meanwhile, Karl got antsy, and decided to take his quad copter for a little spin. All the boys wanted to do was chase it around.

IMG_5086.JPG IMG_5087.JPG
IMG_5088.JPG IMG_5090.JPG

Mirah found a lady bug, and Karl crashed into a blossoming tree with the copter, which knocked down the blossoms.

IMG_5091.JPG IMG_5092.JPG
IMG_5093.JPG IMG_5089.JPG

The kids were just having so much fun together.


Then Karl got out his light weight plane.

IMG_5098.JPG IMG_5105.JPG

While Mom and Ash looked on.

IMG_5095.JPG IMG_5097.JPG

The clouds were rolling in, and the wind was starting to blow, but it was still warm enough to roll in the grass.

IMG_5103.JPG IMG_5104.JPG

We were supposed to go to the Tabernacle Choir’s Easter concert, and I was really excited to do it, but around 2 I started to get a migrane, and it had gotten way worse by the time we got home from Murray. I was in bed by 8:30.


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