Cinco De Mayo 2019

Cinco De Mayo, a perfect day to have friends over for tacos.  The weather was so nice, we got all set up to have dinner on the patio. Meanwhile, the girls played in the yard with bubbles.

IMG_5717.JPG IMG_5718.JPG

I got a cooler full of Mexcian sodas to make the dinner just a little extra special.

IMG_5722.JPG IMG_5723.JPG

The Whitmore’s were with us, and the Robert’s too.

We got fesvite with hats and decorations but really we were there for having some tacos.


IMG_5742.JPG IMG_5743.JPG

All of these babies!!

IMG_5724.JPG IMG_5726.JPG IMG_5727.JPG

I love all of these cuties so much!

IMG_5729.JPG IMG_5731.JPG


IMG_5733.JPG IMG_5735.JPG


IMG_5737.JPG IMG_5739.JPG
IMG_5738.JPG IMG_5741.JPG

We even pulled out one of our last bottles of Limodada from our trip to Mexico this Christmas.



IMG_5746.JPG IMG_5747.JPG

For dessert we had flan. Coco Flan actually. I got it and so much of the rest of the stuff at the Mexican supermarket.

IMG_5748.JPG IMG_5749.JPG

Zac fell asleep on the couch, and Sam stayed home due to illness. So Karl, Krysta, Devanie and I played monikers and Quirkle.


Pretty great night.

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