It Sucks to Be 3 Right Now.

Lucas, Lucas, Lucas.


It’s been a while since we had an erruption like this, but suddenly-a whole lot of them have arrived and everything is NO. Terrible twos, is not bad, but the Three almost four has been insanely challenging.

Still, when he is calm, cooperative, and is in a good mood, Lucas is about the cutest thing.

Like later that day we went and got his hair cut.

IMG_5752.JPG IMG_5754.JPG IMG_5753.JPG

So wonderfully perfectly cute.

He has become a total homebody. He wants to be at home, in his room, playing with his toys. Unless he playing with his friends. He usually fights me on our way-ANY-where. If we are going to the park, the store, or a friends house. His first reaction is, I want to be home. Sigh, I REALLY hope this is a phase.

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