Labor Day Weekend

Memorial Day was rainy but productive. We got our front flowerbed fixed up and started to work on the side yard, getting rid of the whole thing.

I worked for hours in that yard on Saturday, and I moved every brick myself. Karl did some weeding, and did so much work to get the rocks moved.



On Monday, we got our summer goals all in a row. And fixed up the pin chart to match.


We went and got BBQ at BAM BAMs.

IMG_6885.JPG IMG_6886.JPG IMG_6891.JPG


The wind and rain came in spells. During a quiet moment of calm, we sat out front with the kids. They road bikes.


We took the training wheels from Mirah’s bike.

IMG_6892.JPG IMG_6893.JPG
IMG_6894.JPG IMG_6895.JPG

Then later Lucas’s


That side yard is haunting me. I had the Swan Boys over today. They are helping me move dirt back to the back yard. SIGH. More work.


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