Getting Ready for the Wedding

Landy and Sean’s wedding is a week away, and Auntie Malia has been hard at work. she made all of the kids wedding outfits. And they all turned out amazing.

IMG_7295.JPG IMG_7296.JPG

Since we were in Salt Lake Valley, we deicded to go have a quick fitting…

IMG_7297.JPG IMG_7298.JPG

Lucas had shorts AND a bow tie! As did all of the boys!

IMG_7299.JPG IMG_7300.JPG IMG_7301.JPG

Amazing job Malia!

We had dinner with them, and stayed and played for a while.

Ginger was excited to show me the dress I gave her…she is too little!!! Mirah wore this dress. She also had a bout a million cheetos in her lunch box.

IMG_7302.JPG IMG_7303.JPG

Sigh, family.

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