Lighting the Riverwoods

The winter is here, even though it isn’t official. The weather has turned to FREEZING!
All bundled up and ready to go!

In preparation the Shops at the Riverwoods light up the trees and make a party out of it!
An ice sculpture welcoming us!
Speaking of Ice Sculptures: 
This guy was still working on it while we got to watch!
We met up with these two crazy kids…
And Tia’s kids too.
There was a really cool art exhibit there too. 
Familiar faces…
The lights were really quite beautiful. 
Mirah and her dad.
They were selling $1 pumpkin cupcakes which we LOVED.
The cold really started getting to us. We tried to get warm by the fire. 
BUT, we eventually just got too cold. 
Fun night.

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