Picture Day 2013

It snowed this week.
So when the sun was out and it was in the 60’s this morning  we counted ourselves so lucky.
We went out with the Whitmores.

We walked over to the trail, and Karen insisted on pushing Mirah herself. 

We were not sure about where we wanted to take a picture, we just knew we would know the spot after the picture was taken.
So we tried our first stop.
Zac was helping with the chair.
He was also acted as a lighting model.

I love this one.

Next location.

Final spot.

We took some for the Whitmores too.
Aren’t they so CUTE?

Krysta and I even got a chance to take a picture.

The girls kept themselves occupied.

We walked home from the park.
It was a really nice morning.

We went to lunch with Nitsy, and then home again to work hard.
We sorted through all of our baby cloths and organized our storage unit.
When Mirah woke up from her nap she was perplexed by all of the boxes and piles of clothing everywhere. She occupied herself while we finished up.

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