Oregon Coast Day Three: Kites and Evening on the Beach

After a BIG day of fun and museums. Leah made another amazing dinner for spaghetti.



We watched another sunset, this time right on the water.

IMG_8290.JPG IMG_8291.JPG

The wind was so much calmer, so Karl wanted to try and fly a kite again. Leah’s sister Sarah had a trick kite in the house.



Karl is having a great time:


Leah and MoMo.




IMG_8299.JPG IMG_8300.JPG

Branny took his turn.



IMG_8302.JPG IMG_8302-EFFECTS.jpg


Branny having a blast.

IMG_8303.JPG IMG_8304.JPG
IMG_8305.JPG IMG_8306.JPG


Meanwhile the kids played in the sand.

Sweet Momo sat and watched the little kids. He was being SO cutely protective.

IMG_8307.JPG IMG_8308.JPG
IMG_8310.JPG IMG_8309-EFFECTS.jpg


IMG_8312.JPG IMG_8311-EFFECTS.jpg


IMG_8313.JPG IMG_8314.JPG IMG_8315.JPG



IMG_8317.JPG IMG_8318.JPG
IMG_8319.JPG IMG_8320.JPG




IMG_8324.JPG IMG_8325.JPG

Leah took her turn with the kite.

IMG_8326.JPG IMG_8327.JPG


Mo sat RIGHT with me. It was so WONDERFUL!

IMG_8321.JPG IMG_8329.JPG IMG_8330.JPG

Mirah trying to get Luke to bring her water:


The the sun was setting. Such a beautiful night.



IMG_8334.JPG IMG_8335.JPG IMG_8336.JPG
IMG_8337.JPG IMG_8338.JPG
IMG_8339.JPG IMG_8340.JPG

I love these three. SO wonderful.

IMG_8342.JPG IMG_8343.JPG

Leah took this one. My boy with this pup he love so much.




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