Our pace at home has changed since Mirah started school. I am missing summer time relaxed schedule more than I thought I would.
Every day we work on math, and reading, and piano. Today there was a new request from school…

A fundraiser!

Her first ever fundraiser.

We had an envelope, and we had to ask for donations.

Mirah and I sat down and talked about who might want to donate to he school.  All of her aunts and uncles made the cut of course. A few choice neighbors and friends. Grandma’s and Grandpas were on the list too.

I had Mirah call everyone and ask them herself. She did so great. And no surprise to me,  EVERYONE DONATED!

And everyone was SOOO generous .

While we worked hard…

 Lucas rested.
I just want to say, to everyone who donated, THANK YOU!!!

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