Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

After the photo shoot we went out to Milwaukee for the Rehearsal dinner. 
We were welcomed with this well crafted sign. 
Scott and Caitlin, being in love.
Dinner was served.

Everyone was there.
Gaby and Grandma Neal.
The Mississippi Hites.
The parents of the bride and groom. 
Maila and Caitlin.
Gabby and Nick.
It was in a church, so it was well stocked with kids toys.

Two of scotts sisters, a grooms girl, and a friend of Caitlins.

Groomsman and his wife.

Best man and his wife.
The group.
Scott and his sister Julie. 
From the bridal shower.
The rehearsal was on it’s way. 

The boys needed to practice bring the ring up…it was kind of an epic fail. It was a sign of things to come.

Back to the hotel, and in bed early. 

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