Pottery Class

So here is our summer pottery class post. I decided instead of posting a listing for each class, it would be easier to just post one.

Our first class was on June 4th. It was an 8 week course every Tuesday night, and it was such a great time.

The class was at the Scera Art Studio. Here is the room:


Karl and I sat right next to each other the whole time. It was really fun.

IMG_2061.JPG IMG_2073.JPG

The first day, we got a huge bag of clay, and learned to center our clay. We even made the starts of mug.


My first ever mug…I was really proud, can you tell?

IMG_7314.JPG IMG_7315.JPG IMG_7316.JPG

Karl’s mug is right there, and we learned that first day we would get pretty messy every time.

IMG_7318.JPG IMG_7319.JPG

We had the top shelf, and I made Karl get our stuff down every time.

IMG_7321.JPG IMG_7322.JPG

Weeks went by, as the summer did. And taking pictures was really hard, since my hands were always covered in mud and dust.

I made lots of different pieces, and the culmination of the class was my tea pot! I had to make the pot, then the spout, then the handle. Then get them all attached. I also made my own little vase for tiny flowers.

IMG_1911.JPG IMG_1912.JPG
IMG_1913.JPG IMG_1914.JPG

On the last day of class, we did our glazing. And these are FANCY glazes, the will bake into different colors. Here are Karl’s and my pieces.


I was getting ready to paint my HOT bisqued tea pot, almost ready to glaze.

IMG_20190730_203040.jpg IMG_20190730_203043.jpg

I had to come in during the day, to get it glazed in time.

IMG_2058.JPG IMG_2059.JPG IMG_2060.JPG


Alright, here are some clear labels of the things that we made. From left to right.

The far left, is a bowl that Karl made. The center, (In the center rear) is the orchid bowl Karl made, and a tray to sit it in. The far right, is my jar. The three images in the center row are my bowl. The bottom three are mugs and Karl’s jar and lid that he is very proud of.

IMG_2064.JPG IMG_2065.JPG IMG_2067.JPG
IMG_2068.JPG IMG_2063.JPG IMG_2069.JPG
IMG_2070.JPG IMG_2071.JPG IMG_2072.JPG

Everything before it was glazed.

Here are our pieces after the glazing process.


My tea pot

IMG_3448.JPG IMG_3449.JPG

My mug

IMG_3450.JPG IMG_3451.JPG

My jar

IMG_3452.JPG IMG_3453.JPG

My bowl

IMG_3455.JPG IMG_3456.JPG

My vase


Karl’s Jar

IMG_3457.JPG IMG_3458.JPG

Karl’s bowl

IMG_3459.JPG IMG_3460.JPG

Karl’s mug

IMG_3461.JPG IMG_3462.JPG

Karl’s orchid pot

IMG_3463.JPG IMG_3464.JPG
IMG_3465.JPG IMG_3466.JPG


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