Yellowstone Trip Day One: Hot Springs and Waterfall, Firehole Road, and Getting Caught in the Rain

After lunch at the grill near Old Faithful, we were ready to set out again. We stopped at a place called Biscut Basin. It had a grip of beautiful hot springs, and was the trail head to a waterfall hike we wanted to visit.

IMG_2640.JPG IMG_2641.JPG

The bacteria and algae growing in the water was hypnotic and beautiful. We found Mirah and even Lucas just staring at it. We visited Carlsbad Caverns in April, and we talked a lot about how much these living pools looked like the dead and dried out pools we visited there.

IMG_2642.JPG IMG_2643.JPG IMG_2644.JPG

Another beautiful algae mat, this one with even hotter water running over it.

IMG_2646.JPG IMG_2645.JPG

The junior ranger manual, had lots on interesting information about the colors in the pools. The brown colored algae meant the temperature was close to 100-110 degrees, and the hottest color was white, meaning it was nearly 200 degrees.

IMG_2647.JPG IMG_2648.JPG
IMG_2649.JPG IMG_2650.JPG

These fumaroles were stinky. The hot springs could be stinky too.

IMG_2651.JPG IMG_2652.JPG

My boy, always running.

IMG_2653.JPG IMG_2654.JPG
IMG_2655.JPG IMG_2656.JPG

We found our way to the trail head. And we were off up towards the Mystic Falls.

IMG_2658.JPG IMG_2657.JPG

Lucas lost steam pretty quickly, but Mirah was a champ, she did it on her own the whole way!

IMG_2659.JPG IMG_2662.JPG IMG_2663.JPG

Eventually we found the river, then we found the falls.








IMG_2664.JPG IMG_2666.JPG

It had been up hill the whole way, and so we were ready to take a breather:




IMG_20190815_151948.jpg IMG_20190815_152023.jpg IMG_20190815_152024.jpg

Grumpy Selfies.

IMG_20190815_152044.jpg IMG_20190815_152046.jpg
IMG_20190815_152050.jpg IMG_20190815_152100.jpg
IMG_20190815_152102.jpg IMG_20190815_152107.jpg
IMG_20190815_152108.jpg IMG_20190815_152122.jpg
IMG_20190815_152123.jpg IMG_20190815_152135.jpg

As we started back down the hill it started to rain. Like a lot. We were all pretty soaked by the time we were back to the hot springs.

IMG_20190815_154026_1.jpg IMG_20190815_154030.jpg



Back in the car, we decided since the rain was still falling, we would do a driving loop. We went down the FireHole road. There were some truly beautiful things to see.

IMG_20190815_155155.jpg IMG_2670.JPG

Some VERY active springs.


Lucas’s reaction:

This one was breathtaking.

IMG_2673.JPG IMG_2674.JPG


IMG_2675.JPG IMG_2676.JPG

More grumpy selfies.

IMG_20190815_162009.jpg IMG_2678.JPG
IMG_20190815_162018.jpg IMG_20190815_162028.jpg
IMG_20190815_162030.jpg IMG_20190815_162033.jpg

The Great Fountain Geyser.

IMG_2681.JPG IMG_2680.JPG

More selfies.

IMG_20190815_162502.jpg IMG_20190815_162507.jpg IMG_20190815_162510.jpg
IMG_20190815_162514.jpg IMG_20190815_162516.jpg

The rain started again, and the steam was even more billowing as the temperature dropped.

IMG_20190815_163459.jpg IMG_20190815_163506.jpg
IMG_2683.JPG IMG_2684.JPG
IMG_2686.JPG IMG_2688.JPG



Having a blast.

IMG_2694.JPG IMG_2695.JPG






IMG_2697.JPG IMG_2698.JPG IMG_2699.JPG
IMG_20190815_164503.jpg IMG_20190815_164506.jpg IMG_20190815_164507.jpg
IMG_2700.JPG IMG_2701.JPG IMG_2702.JPG




We had to get in from the rain, and we had really had a big day.

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