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Lucas. It’s good to be Four years old. Lucas is loving it, and I am loving him. So we were trying to show off our new Junior Ranger Badges to Grandma Pippy, and Lucas just could NOT follow simple instructions about camera etiquette. Additionally, he is revisiting the infant stage of blowing spit bubbles. Like all the time these days. I find him looking at himself in the mirror, blowing bubbles in water cups, and in the tub.

IMG_3470.JPG IMG_3472.JPG IMG_3475.JPG


Mirah starts school this week, and the fact he isn’t on the bus, and won’t be starting school for TWO WHOLE WEEKS is almost more than this poor boy can bare. We have had to start a check off count down on the family calendar, because he asks EVERY day, “Do I go to school today?” (He says sk- oo-all, it is so cute) Here are Mirah and Lucas the day before she started school at the Open House. He wants so badly to be a big kid and go to school.


We have started him on the Upstart preschool program, and he is a total rock star. He is already starting to read! We went to the library this week, and got some early reader books. He is engaged and excited to read. In fact he came up to me with this back half of an “Allison” name plaquard I have kicking around, and said, “Mom, this says ‘NO'” SO smart.


He is Mr. Safety, and Captain Helpful. We had the Whitmores over for dinner this week, and here he is sharing some hot chicken wings with everyone.

IMG_3606.JPG IMG_3607.JPG IMG_3605.JPG

He also despratly wanted to try on Zac’s motorcycle helmet, which of course Uncle Zac couldn’t refuse. He looks so cute, and was SO thrilled.

IMG_3608.JPG IMG_3604.JPG

Lucas is at that age/size where sitting in the baby seat is just not comfortable, but if I keep him out of the cart, no one besides him is comfortable. So in the cart he goes. He does this thing where he clicks the buckles together, over and over again. He’s so cute.



Finally-PIRATES are BACK! Yep they are back in full force. 5 out of the last 7 days, Lucas has been in this costume at one time or another. We have been talking about the problematic nature of pirates, and he is quick to tell us now about how Pirates can be people who steal things, and that’s not good.

IMG_3682.JPG IMG_3683.JPG IMG_3684.JPG

Both the costume and the pirate ship toys were a gift from Pappy Jimbo, and Lucas has been dragging them with him all over the house these days. I keep tripping over it. In my room, the kitchen, the front room, his room, by the TV…he even tried to get it into the car the other day. I had to draw the line there.

IMG_3680.JPG IMG_3679.JPG
IMG_3678.JPG IMG_3681.JPG

He is just a sweet, playful, imaginative, creative, snuggle bug. I love him, and am SO thankful to be his mom.

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