Preschool Open House

Every day for the past 3 weeks, sometimes twice a day, Lucas has asked, “Do I go to Sk-oo-al today?” And today I was able to give soft yes. We had our open house, and he was thrilled.

He ran in at full speed, and started toalking to his teacher, telling her all about his summer, all about how he turned four, and he was just so happy to be back.

IMG_3778.JPG IMG_3779.JPG

Yes, he insisted on wearing his back pack in.

He gave Ms. Carlene a big hug! He was so happy to see her.


He made his name tag, he looked around the room, and he was so happy to be reunited with some of his favorite toys!

He was able to pick a prize out of the treasure chest, and our whole drive home was full of the zippy spitty sound they make.

IMG_3781.JPG IMG_3782.JPG

One more week.

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