Cray Fish Party

While at IKEA earlier this summer we noticed an awesome looking buffet going on. When we asked about it, they  said once a quarter they do a special Swedish meal you can buy tickets to attend.
They said that the Crayfish party in the fall is the most popular one. So we bought the first couple of tickets!


After months of looking at these tickets on the computer table, the night finally arrived.

There was a sign explaining what this traditional feast was all about:


There were several different tables with different kinds of foods on them.

Here was the apps, with cheese and crackers, and jam, and smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Next was the entree table.

The crayfish was served out of this crazy thing.

Crayfish and sweetish meatballs.

There was also mashed potatoes, gravy, linganberry sauce, corn on the cobb, and salad.
These were the hardest coldest rolls I ever had.

They  had these cool bibs and hats and stuff at the tables.

They were like little lobsters.



Tiny tale with butter.

Meat, to crayfish ratio.

There were these yummy cucumbers. This was my favorite thing.


For dessert, princess cake and this brown thing.



Karl looked pretty cute walking out in his bib.

It was not great food. I think that it was a fun taste of a different culture.

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