The House Was Sold

Mom and Dad have been working TIRELESSLY for the past year, to get rid of things, fix up, clear out, and sell the house. Yes, my childhood home of 2310 Lenrey. I was 5 when we moved in. 4 when we bought it. It is the only house that my sisters Krystin and Chelsea had ever lived in with our family. I spent holidays, first days of school, left for school dances, left for collage from this house. I got married from this house. This is a place of memories, sorrows and love.

Well, today it became offical, Mom and Dad’s home of 32 years now is owned by someone else. I pulled these pictures from the listing online, just to see what it looks like as they are getting ready to leave:

Here is the front, the Indian Laurals, that I carved my name into growing up. That I sat in as a kid, that I climbed and found birds nests in and hid in when I was in trouble.

2F759CAC-E71B-4F7A-9364-22C6A40D798A-6122-00000413ACAD5171.jpg FB289FFF-8762-472B-9103-69FB15393A6D-6122-00000413B3DD506A.jpg

The grass that dad could never really get to grow. And the side yard mom and dad fixed up with rocks.


8620AFCC-CBA4-42ED-A109-F82BF2408535-6122-00000413A8C8C1E5.jpg 8FC26D4E-252B-48C6-9075-3687FFC3F19E-6122-00000413B02A5B37.jpg

The living room, or front room. The one sitting room in the house. All the Christmas’s and Easter mornings spent here. All the movies watched. I had my first “hang with Karl in this room on this couch. We watched Corpse Bride with some friends from institute.

EF0DD0A7-7386-4BE3-806F-BF18CCD8EA13-6122-00000413BF057316.jpg 353B46C2-8222-40CB-B0EA-143254A434C7-6122-00000413BB24D6B7.jpg
0978BA18-701B-47CF-8054-463685BD62FC-6122-00000413CF972071.jpg 1B9ABEB2-7DA3-4EFE-80DC-D3690FCAC6C7-6122-00000413D5849325.jpg

The kitchen. Early morning scripture study, family dinners, learning to type on a computer in this room.

DAE0AEB2-179F-4B93-9669-2AB0FBFF6D5D-6122-00000413C306ECC0.jpg FA87222B-6012-4072-AC38-4820F957167D-6122-00000413C7D583CE.jpg

The Kitchen. This is where I learned to cook, to clean, to do dishes. Hours spent making cookies, sitting on the counter, and avoiding doing the dishes.

368A7607-3132-4413-9628-88326B2B377D-6122-00000413CC24741E.jpg 0A8248B6-46B9-44AE-8D83-7A059B169D2F-6122-00000413DA65FCCF.jpg
4071874B-AE20-4283-A217-2A4F7D1BEAFB-6122-00000413DE40B91A.jpg 2A2E59E9-EBDA-4585-B3D6-A1F339405634-6122-00000413E1BDB8CE.jpg
08C4D85B-3037-4E6E-B86C-BCE1DC213D29-6122-00000413E5ED8065.jpg 117FE1E8-79A7-46BC-B4AB-B35D0AB1C2AA-6122-00000413E9FEFF22.jpg

The boys room/ the kick it room.

212BA319-B7F1-41FA-AE44-D32B60C4E6E1-6122-00000413EDAB3BDB.jpg F18610BD-EA7C-4561-95C5-387C6D5D287C-6122-00000414193852B3.jpg

The Office/Maryn and Belle’s room/ My room/ Krystin’s room/ the guest room.

The Girls room/ Krystin and My room/ Krystin and Belle’s room/ Belle’s room

0959E6FE-89F3-4480-B8C5-FFB476D3EF2F-6122-00000413F475C3C1.jpg 70518123-3B77-4FC6-8EE1-FE7A41937CE0-6122-00000413FD8DDFF0.jpg

Mom and Dad’s room.

09F6F56D-3655-4F23-90FC-98F018536B05-6122-0000041406C4B49D.jpg 65C6E465-8BA3-4019-803D-082B7B9A3B43-6122-000004140A825BF1.jpg
FDFC522C-F3B2-4936-A1C8-87CB68BC0891-6122-000004141FBD83E1.jpg DFD85C93-EB46-49FF-8CD1-AB739173D63E-6122-00000414247CCFF8.jpg

Mom and Dad’s bathroom. This is where I learned to do make up, did hair, got my first period…

013500CB-2F48-40B3-8092-9A7A3229DA45-6122-0000041410032637.jpg C853CA99-4903-4FF0-AD58-6034A5D5D915-6122-00000414139361BC.jpg

The back yard. I made my ASB posters on this patio. So many family parties and birthdays and dinners, and slumber parties…Jumping off the roof onto the trampoline. Sun Bathing. Cam sitting in the sun with SUN IN- in his hair.

64E8C1CF-C021-4982-9906-53E76C273CEF-6122-00000414287F87E8.jpg 8028DEA8-4C22-44DA-B152-A02CD4833C9C-6122-000004142C34A9A0.jpg
336C2DA5-2FD7-4D8C-AA30-FBF7750E1260-6122-00000414307FB304.jpg 58A11617-E1FB-4CC2-8384-3CF4EC938EB2-6122-000004143490268E.jpg
AE6B148D-2364-4568-BF3B-4D89EAD4D784-6122-0000041438BC665F.jpg 0F881D65-BD1C-43AB-AFD3-E725382E7A9F-6122-000004143CEC67EE.jpg
4C698A37-0AC0-4A68-BCE4-DAA0AA93DDCA-6122-000004144112387D.jpg 1C2669F0-E688-4397-B541-1FDA4FA0CEB5-6122-00000414458C8461.jpg
0B8D6B7A-129E-49CE-BE7B-77766A0932AC-6122-000004144CC8E646.jpg 55100396-F11A-4B88-98A2-38E013980C12-6122-0000041450F3DB3E.jpg

Here they are, on moving day with Martha and President Hoops:

IMG_5298.JPG IMG_5299.JPG
IMG_5300.JPG IMG_5301.JPG






Mom and Dad saw this post, and both cried. An end of an era. A new ear for these BABIES begins.



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