sex positive

Tonight Krysta and I went to this incredible, empowering, educational, and helpful meeting.   It was called:
It was sponsered by:
I put a link on my facebook to the live stream of the event. It was seriously so good and so honest. I felt a lot of feelings about myself, and my kids, and my thoughts about when and how to talk to them about sex.
The panalists included:

The program had a booklist

I took a lot of notes. 

Here is the video.

 This really is a post for me to look at now and again when I need reference or reminding on good ideas as these things come up.

The main feeling I have is that I need to be positive about sex. Not hide if from my kids. Help them feel empowered by their beautiful bodies and feelings. I love my kids, and I am going to do my best. 🙂


After all that heavy talking. We needed a treat for being such great moms.

So we went to Roll with It.

The anti griddle ice cream place.

Last time we went here with the kids, I didn’t even get 5 bites of my ice cream.

 This time I ate the whole thing.

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