Mom and Dad Move To Utah-FOR GOOD!!!

On Saturday Morning, the last of their stuff was packed, with the Hoop’s help. They apparently went to dinner at Celias the night before:


And then by noon they were packed and saying goodbye to their home of 32 years. That’s just the house. But the town, well that was their home of over 40 years together, and the place my dad was born and raised. It was a really big goodbye for both of them.

Here they are with the Hoops:

IMG_5298.JPG IMG_5299.JPG

Then one last shot in front of the house before they made the journey to Utah in two days.


They got to Cedar Hills mid day on Sunday. They came for dinner at our house. Then stayed their first official night at their new official home.

On Monday morning, I dropped the kids off at school, and headed out to my parents place. I was pretty surprised how full the truck was. It was all the stuff that they had been living with, but it was still stuff. Mom in her moving day shirt.


The three of us spent the morning getting everything off the truck that wasn’t HUGE. Everything except the THREE safes, and an armoire.

When we were done, they had me take this picture of them on their porch. Officially moved in!

They are seriously both so stinking happy to be here.


While working in the house, mom saw this on Facebook:


Mom showed it to me, and confessed that they both cried when they saw it.



BUT-They are here, which is where they want to be. It is all so bitter sweet.

They are so excited to get the basement all done up and have a complete house that is SUPER cool.

They have had to stuff the whole garage full. The basement is empty, ready to be finished.



Later that afternoon, Karl, Benji, and I helped Dad get the big stuff out of the truck.

IMG_4609.JPG IMG_4611.JPG

Karl’s comment was that it was much heavier than he thought it would be, but also, much simpler than he had anticipated.

The kids were so excited to to be at Grandma’s house.


Later that night, they went to Rumbi’s Island Grill for dinner. Really, just so happy.


I’m so happy for them.

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