Cougar Crawl

It was that day again, Mirah’s school’s annual fundraiser night, the Cougar Crawl. Mirah all ready in her outfit.

IMG_4663.JPG IMG_4662.JPG IMG_4664.JPG

I was there early helping with PTA stuff. The event started. The way it goes is that each grade level runs for a few minutes. This year, Lucas decided to run with the kindergarten. He ran the whole time, like, 10 minutes and like 6 laps. It was pretty impressive.

IMG_4647.JPG IMG_4648.JPG
IMG_4649.JPG IMG_4650.JPG

Karl and Mirah were there too, Karl, always ready for a big high five.

Lucas, SO cute.

IMG_4655.JPG IMG_4656.JPG
IMG_4657.JPG IMG_4658.JPG

There was loud music going the whole time. Jonas brothers and high school musical. Mirah couldn’t help but dance.

IMG_4652.JPG IMG_4653.JPG
IMG_4659.JPG IMG_4661.JPG

Mirah of course was there to cheer Lucas on.


IMG_4666.JPG IMG_4665.JPG IMG_4667.JPG IMG_4668.JPG
IMG_4670.JPG IMG_4669.JPG IMG_4671.JPG IMG_4672.JPG

Lucas’s buddy Kipton and his cousin.

IMG_4674.JPG IMG_4675.JPG

Toward the end Lucas was struggling, so his dad scooped him up and kept him going.



IMG_4676.JPG IMG_4677.JPG IMG_4678.JPG
IMG_4679.JPG IMG_4680.JPG IMG_4681.JPG
IMG_4682.JPG IMG_4683.JPG IMG_4684.JPG
IMG_4686.JPG IMG_4685.JPG IMG_4687.JPG

I just love these boys and Mirah so much.




IMG_4689.JPG IMG_4690.JPG IMG_4691.JPG IMG_4692.JPG


IMG_4693.JPG IMG_4694.JPG

Rewarded with an Otter Pop at the end.

IMG_4696.JPG IMG_4697.JPG IMG_4699.JPG

Eventually the second grade was called to line up.

IMG_4700.JPG IMG_4701.JPG
IMG_4702.JPG IMG_4703.JPG


They were told to wait for the music, and it was hilarious to watch them try.

Mirah is a pretty good little runner.


IMG_4710.JPG IMG_4711.JPG

The second Grade teachers.

IMG_4712.JPG IMG_4713.JPG

Mirah running while Lucas is cheering her on!


IMG_4715.JPG IMG_4716.JPG IMG_4717.JPG


IMG_4718.JPG IMG_4720.JPG IMG_4721.JPG IMG_4723.JPG

As we high fived she dramatically collapsed and the like a champ got back up again.

IMG_4724.JPG IMG_4726.JPG
IMG_4728.JPG IMG_4729.JPG

Here she comes!

IMG_4731.JPG IMG_4732.JPG IMG_4733.JPG
IMG_4734.JPG IMG_4736.JPG IMG_4735.JPG

After the run, we went into the Library to check out the silent auction and baskets.

IMG_4737.JPG IMG_4738.JPG

We met out fundraising goal of $14,000!!

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