Zooey!! Puppy Sitting

Our neighborhood friends the Brodbents, have a puppy named Zoey, she is so cute. We love her so much.

They were out of town for a few days. And we were delighted to have her as a visitor.


She quickly settled in, and became a part of our family.

IMG_4819.JPG IMG_4822.JPG
IMG_4823.JPG IMG_4826.JPG

She needs to be taken to pee and poo three or more times a day. She is fed that many times. I spend lots of time sitting on our front porch waiting for her to “make.” One morning our neighbor’s dog Toffee came over and they had fun playing.




The greatest part about this is to see how responsible Mirah has been at taking care of her.

IMG_4845.JPG IMG_4846.JPG IMG_4848.JPG IMG_4847.JPG


BUT Zoey is still a puppy. She has made messes and keeps finding things to rip up. Like her toys and Mirah’s toys. She desptryed Mirah’s Pinky Pie Doll. She has pulled apart the corner of our living room rug. She has pooped and peed in the hosue more times than I can count. She has pooed 2-3 times every day of her stay. And although I TRULY adore her, she visit has taught me a few things about myself:

IMG_4849.JPG IMG_4851.JPG
  1. I am not ready to have a dog yet in my life.
  2. I thought I would get upset or frustrated when she made messes, but really, it’s just inconvenient and annoying.
  3. I love dogs. I am a dog person.
  4. The kids will be able to take care of a dog once they are old enough.
  5. When the day comes that I can really focus on a dog’s care and training, I want a little dog.
  6. I need to learn more about potty training a dog, care for puppies, and training dogs in general.
  7. A dog will really add to our families happiness, someday.

I mean look at Mirah, she loves this little puppy.

IMG_4940.JPG IMG_4941.JPG IMG_4944.JPG

We will miss Zooey when she leaves us.

IMG_4942.JPG IMG_4945.JPG

Just not all of the cleaning up we have to do.

IMG_4946.JPG IMG_4947.JPG IMG_4948.JPG
IMG_4949.JPG IMG_4950.JPG IMG_4951.JPG

Perfect little lady.

IMG_4952.JPG IMG_4953.JPG IMG_4954.JPG

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