Mirah’s Orthodontist Apportionment

My lovely beautiful perfect daughter is having a teeth situation. This picture really show what’s happening. He top tooth is pointed into her mouth, and is creating an under bite that puts her front teeth at risk of chipping.

Our dentist noticed it last week at her appointment, and since I am always crazy proactive, we made two orthodontist appointments. This was the first one.

We observed all of the doctors credentials while we waited. Mirah was most interested in the molds of teeth with braces on them.

IMG_5027.JPG IMG_5029.JPG

They were pretty hypnotic.


Mirah squirmed in her chair until…


Dr. Ben Frandsen, Dr. Ben for short, arrived.

The Orthodontist came in and did a little consult exam with Mirah.


Her x-rays.


His best plan, was to get her a retainer that would push the top tooth out in a couple of months.


$300 bucks, not so bad…I guess.

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