Raspberry Picking 2019

Our cute little set was out on another adventure. Our annual trip to McBride’s Briar Patch. Mom and Dad love it out in Mapleton.

IMG_5123.JPG IMG_5124.JPG

We walked up, grabbed our buckets, and Mom and Dad met the proprietor.


Finding friends everywhere they go.

IMG_5132.JPG IMG_5129.JPG

Off we went.

IMG_5134.JPG IMG_5135.JPG
IMG_5138.JPG IMG_5139.JPG

Mom, looking like an old pro.

IMG_5140.JPG IMG_5142.JPG IMG_5143.JPG

The bushes we so huge this year!

IMG_5145.JPG IMG_5146.JPG

Little Lucas. With his little pale.

IMG_5147.JPG IMG_5148.JPG
IMG_5151.JPG IMG_5153.JPG

Here he comes!

Mirah, having lots of success.

IMG_5155.JPG IMG_5157.JPG
IMG_5159.JPG IMG_5160.JPG

The day was so beautiful. It was just such a picturesque place.

Lucas, who at this moment was just getting the hang of it.

IMG_5162.JPG IMG_5163.JPG IMG_5169.JPG IMG_5166.JPG

Grandma and Lukey.

IMG_5171.JPG IMG_5172.JPG


IMG_5174.JPG IMG_5173.JPG

Grandma really fount lots.

IMG_5175.JPG IMG_5177.JPG IMG_5178.JPG


IMG_5181.JPG IMG_5183.JPG IMG_5182.JPG

Fruits of our labor…

IMG_5184.JPG IMG_5185.JPG
IMG_5186.JPG IMG_5187.JPG

Poor Lucas got all scraped up on his face.

IMG_5188.JPG IMG_5189.JPG

Their hands.

IMG_5192.JPG IMG_5193.JPG IMG_5194.JPG

All packed up and weighed in…

IMG_5195.JPG IMG_5196.JPG
IMG_5197.JPG IMG_5198.JPG


IMG_5201.JPG IMG_5202.JPG IMG_5205.JPG

Two HUGE clam shells of raspberries, 10 bucks!

We stopped and picked flowers on our way out.

IMG_5206.JPG IMG_5207.JPG

Me and my babies.

IMG_5209.JPG IMG_5210.JPG

Karl made us raspberry pancakes for dinner. They were so good.

The next morning. Still having some scratches.

IMG_5213.JPG IMG_5214.JPG IMG_5216.JPG


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