Mom and Dad’s Remodel Has Begun, Pizza Night Together

While visiting Mom and Dad we noticed some new additions to their front yard. A couple of very CLASSY additions!


The contractors had been there on and off for a week, and I was excited to see the progress:

They had framed in the vents.


Started on the plumbing for the wet bar.


Framed out the rooms and the closets, and the hallway.


This is the bathroom. You can see where the toilet, sink, and shower are going to be.

IMG_5289.JPG IMG_5290.JPG

Here’s a view from the bedroom, through the hallway, into the bathroom.


They are even going to have lots of storage.


We spent the evening at the house with mom and dad. Dad had tons of toys for the kids including special Lego sets he had found. One was a cupcake shop, the other was Mine Craft themed.  We got pizza from their favorite local place and ate it at the park.

IMG_5295.JPG IMG_5294.JPG

Lots going on, and we are so excited to be here for it.

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