Pizza Party Movie Night Hocus Pocus

Another Fall Tradition accomplished…Hocus Pocus!!!

We got pizza from Lucy’s for dinner.

IMG_5686.JPG IMG_5685.JPG

We made mine and Krysta’s traditional favorite, since the mission…Stove top popcorn.



Then I made some “witchy” snacks. Chocolate croissant witches hats. Witches fingers. And Apples with pumpkin caramel dipping sauce.

IMG_5692.JPG IMG_5690.JPG IMG_5684.JPG IMG_5695.JPG

Krysta looking great in her hat.

IMG_5693.JPG IMG_5694.JPG

Could not get this kid to hold still!

IMG_5687.JPG IMG_5688.JPG IMG_5689.JPG

The movie started!

IMG_5697.JPG IMG_5698.JPG

The kids were all set.


Love this freaking movie so much.

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