Mirah Gets A Retainer

After going to our first orthodontist appointment we thought there was no way that the next guy could be any better…seriously. I was like, “well, I will keep the appointment just to see if this person has a different plan to consider. But then we got there, and we were impressed from the moment we walked in. They had won Best Orthodontics in Utah Valley 4 out of the last 5 years!

IMG_5839.JPG IMG_5838.JPG

It was also a very kid forward kind of place. They had this fun sign up:

IMG_5760.JPG IMG_5759.JPG

The Farah on the board was actually a girl in Mirah’s class! She was actually in the office when we were there. Mirah was feeling pretty nervous. This made Mirah feel loads better.

Mirah went back and did X-rays. Then we were called back and Dr. Garf got right to work.

Mirah’s Images. I am SO glad I took this picture. We have pulled it up almost every day when talking to Mirah about her teeth and what we will be doing as far as her dental work.


Dr. Garf showed us how her teeth were mostly lined up, like cars into little parking spaces. There is a little bit of crowding down on the bottom that will mostly be resolved as her jaw gets bigger, as she gets older. BUT you can see on the upper left there, we have SIGNIFICANT crowding, and we have braces in our future. He took a conservative long term aproach, don’t pull any more teeth for now, and then push that top tooth out for about a month to prevent chipping after a fall or something. He was very professional, very experienced, and really great with Mirah.

IMG_5755.JPG IMG_5757.JPG

I really loved the office, and I was so won over by his presentation that we decided to just move forward that day and get her fitted for a retainer. The only real strike against them that day…they had golf on the TV. 🙂

IMG_5761.JPG IMG_5762.JPG IMG_5764.JPG

Here she is, nervous and excited…

IMG_5765.JPG IMG_5766.JPG IMG_5767.JPG

The took a whole huge set of images of her that day.

IMG_5773.JPG IMG_5769.JPG IMG_5771.JPG IMG_5772.JPG

Then came the close up picture of her teeth, and they were hilarious. They really wanted us to pull on her face to get the images that they needed.

IMG_5776.JPG IMG_5778.JPG IMG_5780.JPG
IMG_5781.JPG IMG_5783.JPG IMG_5785.JPG
IMG_5787.JPG IMG_5788.JPG IMG_5789.JPG
IMG_5796.JPG IMG_5797.JPG

Mirah was in good spirits but admitted that her face was sore.

IMG_5794.JPG IMG_5795.JPG

More waiting.


While they got the mold ready, they had her pick what her retainer would look like. She picked: Glow Pink, with Glitter Multi, and Heart 1 sticker.

IMG_5800.JPG IMG_5799.JPG IMG_5801.JPG

Then they had her bite the molding clay. They had lots of flavors options for the clay. From the many including watermelon, bubble gum, and cherry and loads of others she chose Pina Colada.

IMG_5803.JPG IMG_5804.JPG
IMG_5805.JPG IMG_5806.JPG



That was Monday, and now it’s Wednesday and Mirah was SUPER anxious. WE did an office waiting room activity while we waited.

IMG_5840.JPG IMG_5841.JPG


I thought she was looking at the fish while we waited for the assistants to bring her the retainer. But she was ALL eyes on that retainer.

IMG_5842.JPG IMG_5845.JPG IMG_5843.JPG
IMG_5844.JPG IMG_5847.JPG

Pink glow with multi sparkles and heart 1, just like she ordered.

She seemed happy with it.



Dr. Garf came over after she tried it on, and helped grind it down so it fit just right.

IMG_5851.JPG IMG_5853.JPG IMG_5854.JPG IMG_5855.JPG

Focused and SUPER nervous and scared.

IMG_5856.JPG IMG_5857.JPG



Getting her first look:

IMG_5861.JPG IMG_5863.JPG


IMG_5864.JPG IMG_5865.JPG

Love this brave girl.


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