Fall Break 2019 Staycation: The Planetarium

Fall break fun times continue. We have been taking it SUPER easy on this Staycation. We have been sleeping in until 11, having Brunch as our first meal of the day, and then having an adventure. Today’s adventure was the Clark Planetarium.

Admission is always-FREE!

You just pay for the movies. We found out when we got there.

We got busy with exhibits! Like this vortex air steam lightning.

IMG_5981.JPG IMG_5982.JPG IMG_5983.JPG IMG_5984.JPG


IMG_5985.JPG IMG_5986.JPG

We saw one of three Foucault pendulums in Utah. TWO of them are in Utah County, one at BYU and one at UVU. This is the third one. We watched it knock over a little metal thing.

IMG_5988.JPG IMG_5989.JPG IMG_5990.JPG IMG_5991.JPG

This huge topographical map of the world. It was SO fun to see. Karl, of course had to ruin it by saying at this scale it would appear flat. Which is no fun at all.


There are a ton of super fun video games there. Like this cooperative one where you are trying to save the earth from meteors.


We played it together, we were able to last over 2 minutes!

IMG_5994.JPG IMG_5996.JPG IMG_5997.JPG

This was all at the beginning of a cool meteorite section. Things falling from space!


IMG_6004.JPG IMG_6003.JPG

And check out this beast. The Nathan Meteorite.

IMG_6005.JPG IMG_6006.JPG IMG_6007.JPG

We played more games…

IMG_6008.JPG IMG_6009.JPG

The kids played in the play area.

IMG_6010.JPG IMG_6011.JPG IMG_6012.JPG

More video games.


A real live space suit, that had been in space!

IMG_6040.JPG IMG_6041.JPG

Cloud making machine.

IMG_6014.JPG IMG_6015.JPG

The second floor exhibits were really OUT of this world.


I’m not really sure how this worked, but Mirah was loving it.

IMG_6016.JPG IMG_6017.JPG IMG_6018.JPG IMG_6019.JPG

A Vantablack sphere. What a black hole appears like.



We rolled pennies.


We did a weather report from a planet.

We even visited IO- Jupiter’s Third largest moon, and the Most volcanic place in the solar system.



IMG_6026.JPG IMG_6027.JPG

They had a cool area in the IO exhibit where we could program and drive little rovers.


IMG_6030.JPG IMG_6029.JPG IMG_6031.JPG

We did a cool little experiement area with thermal videos, and you could touch cold things and hot things and see how they change the image.

IMG_6033.JPG IMG_6034.JPG

It was this point we went to our movie. The most kid friendly show at the place.




It was terrible. SO terrible. But the kids loved it. It was basically the plot of Space Camp with 1998 CG robots.

After all that fun we were ready to go. We went to visit Betsy and the kids. It’s always nice to be with cousins.

This is me with a Lego Mine Craft figure that looks like me!

IMG_6045.JPG IMG_6046.JPG



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