Fall Break 2019 Staycation: The Butterfly Enclosure

After a very restful Saturday and Sunday, we were ready and raring to get out in the world again. Oh yeah, and the garage door is broken, and so we are parking out front.

IMG_6060.JPG IMG_6061.JPG

We met up with Malia for Lunch out near Thanksgiving point. I copied Malia’s lunch, and it was a perfect one, Barbocoa pork bowl. YUM.


Since we were out there and had a couple of hours to kill, we decided to go out to the Butterfly Museum. Karl had never been before.

IMG_6066.JPG IMG_6068.JPG IMG_6069.JPG

We started by checking out the new bee hives. There are two new hives, and we could even check out the QUEEN. She was huge, and impossible to photograph.


Karl and the kids dressed up like bees. They looked very cute.


IMG_6073.JPG IMG_6074.JPG


IMG_6075.JPG IMG_6076.JPG
IMG_6077.JPG IMG_6079.JPG

Getting into the costumes we easy. Getting out was tricky.

IMG_6080.JPG IMG_6082.JPG

Then we went into the biosphere. There were butterflies EVERYWHERE!

IMG_6084.JPG IMG_6086.JPG
IMG_6089.JPG IMG_6088.JPG


IMG_6091.JPG IMG_6090.JPG

My favorite part is checking out all of those cool cocoons.


Lucas never wants to leave. It was a challenge getting him out of there.

IMG_6094.JPG IMG_6095.JPG


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