The Garden 2013

For the first time on my own I am doing a garden. 
Today has been quite the day. I have been going since I got up, and it is now 10:30 and I am still going.
I am beat, and it has been nice to do lots today. What I want to focus on however, if my garden, Karl, and Mirah (of course.)
As a part of our managerial duties, Karl has to hookup all of the swap coolers in our section. It is actally a pretty long and involved process. So while Mirah napped, and Karl worked on the swamp coolers, I planed my garden.
It took longer than I planned, but the final product is pretty awesome. 
6 tomato plans (maybe a bit too close together) a row of carrots, two rows of cucumbers, a row of green beans and a row of potatoes. I also have 3 rows of sweet peas that I planted a couple of weeks ago.
THEN, I planed a watermelon, a summer squash, a zucchini, a pumpkin and a yellow squash out along the fence in front.
 Right as I was finishing up, lady girl woke up and wanted to come outside and play. The clouds rolled in, but it remained warm. She is really getting walking down. She just wants to run!
 She found this nasty little piece of cloth. I kept taking it from her and throwing it away…
 Pointing to her dad.
 Mowgli crawl.
 Grass dents on her knee.
 I can just hear her saying “ooooh”
Also, you can see the boogers stuck to her face.
 Climbing on me as we wait for Karl to finish up.
 This is the cutest age. 
After all that hard work we were beat. We visited Krysta and Zac, then went and saw Nitsy, who were woking on their garden today too.

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