Lucas Lately: Cake, Binoculars, and Lucas Talking

Lucas is just a delight these days. I asked my friend Kristin, “when do you get less obsessed with our kids?” She answered, never. Lucas is just so wonderful. He has stayed the same is a lot of ways like he still loves chocolate cake.

Back in summer 2018, we went out to breakfast with om for her birthday as a part of the day’s celebration. It was that day that my mom discovered Lucas’s LOVE of all things chocolate and especially chocolate cake.

Mom’s Birthday

She learned this as photographed here:


Mom bought herself a slice of cake, and Lucas ate most of it.

As a part of dinner the other night she made a delicious chocolate cake cake with Lucas in mind. She sent a slice home for him, and the other morning I came down to find him eating it for breakfast.

IMG_6310.JPG IMG_6311.JPG

Little sneaky baby.

His new thing is his “BUY-NUCK-U-LERS” He wears them a lot, around is neck everywhere we go. I still think he doesn’t get it. But I put on his adventure vest, and was trying to look at everything up close, including the floor.

IMG_6314.JPG IMG_6313.JPG IMG_6315.JPG

Finally I love LOVE to talk to Lucas. His words bring my heart so happy. There are a few words he says that are so funny.

In this 3 minute video he says three things SO cutely that I love so much.

1. School. He says S-K-oo-wall.

2. Girl. He say GW-er-wils.

3. She Ra- She wa.

I also love the way he says bow and arrow. Like he has forgotten what it is called. She he just pantomimes shooting an arrow.

This boy warms my heart.

The Boy has moves. He LOVES to dance. Watch him go:


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