The Magic Flute

Tonight Malia and I had a great time seeing BYU’s interpretation of The Magic Flute. Karl was supposed to come too, but I couldn’t get a sitter!! I asked everyone!

It’s okay, we had a blast, it was super well done and very very very long.


Here are some of the images that BYU released of the production. This was not the cast we saw. But their costumes were the same. It was beautifully presented. The sets were lovely, and it was just an incredible spectacle.

The left is the Night Queen. The right is Papagino. My two favorite characters to watch.

Left Tamino and Papagino. Rigth Pamina and The Night Queen.

We had a really great night. I got home and tried to explain to Karl what I had seen. He just laughed at me as I went. I thought I did a pretty good job. BUT just in case one day he is interested:

Who’s Who in The Magic Flute: A Character Guide

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