New Garage Door

After several problems with this door over the years it was finally time to replace it. Something happened a few weeks ago, and the door finally gave up.


We’ve always been able to get it to eventually go up and down, but this time it was bad. Even though it has been SOOOO cold we have had to park outside.

FINALLY this morning, the door we ordered arrived!

The installer got here around 9:30, and was hard at work all morning.

First thing first, the old broken doors had to come down.


Our new door all ready to go:


The main snag is that this mount was pretty broken, and they had to replace a part here.


One last look at our terrible old motor. SO terrible. Also that thing is SOOO bent!


Our installer:



Oh my goodness look at how not bent these doors are:



By 1:30 the doors were all on, and the installer was inside of the garage and working on getting the motor mounted.

It’s so beautiful.



It is a miracle of science. That is what this feels like to me today. I can not live in a house with out a garage again. It has been SO terrible not having a garage for the past few weeks.



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