Dia De Los Muertos 2019

It was the day of the dead, and Mirah and I were dressed in our Mexican outfits!

IMG_7146.JPG IMG_7148.JPG

Mom especially was excited to go to the Riverwood’s celebration of the day.


It was a really cute event. They had folkloric dancing.


Happy and Grumpy people.

IMG_7152.JPG IMG_7153.JPG

Little kids dancing.



IMG_7162.JPG IMG_7164.JPG

Mirah loved it, and really fit into the scene.

IMG_7170.JPG IMG_7201.JPG IMG_7204.JPG





These two were having a ball.


They were giving out “bone bread” and Abuelitas hot coco.

IMG_7208.JPG IMG_7209.JPG

The evening was really cold, so it was a welcome treat.

IMG_7211.JPG IMG_7212.JPG IMG_7213.JPG IMG_7214.JPG

There were even Ofrendas.

IMG_7215.JPG IMG_7217.JPG

And activities for the kids.

IMG_20191101_180611.jpg IMG_20191101_180623.jpg
IMG_20191101_180624.jpg IMG_20191101_180628.jpg

We ended the night with a long visit to Blinkenstaffs.

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