Dying Eggs with The Kids

Easter is coming, and that means it is time to do stuff!
Like dying Easter eggs!
Or if you are Mirah, time to get caught in an Easter basket. 
So we gathered ’round the table.
Karl and Mirah. 
Mirah had her own ideas about what to do with a boiled egg.
The boys were stripped down for protection, of their cloths.

Simple dipping. 

Asher was down right carful compared to his nutso big bro.

 Who, only moments after touching his container, broke it and got green dye everywhere, including on my shirt.
Karl was doing delicate work.
I had dyed a bunch of red eggs earlier (pictured below) so I was mostly just taking pictures.

We brought out the aprons.
Asher didn’t love it.
 Neither did Judah.

 But they looked so stinking cute!
 Karl was really into his eggs, meanwhile, Mirah smacked her face on the kitchen table leg. 
 The boys got board and played around some more.
Fun with plastic eggs. 
 Betsy and Asher with crazy eyes.
 Then Judah. He loves him some eggs. 
This is him yelling “Egg!”
Or as an animated gif:

It’s like this:

Asher showing me to the gun show.

 Judah still loving the egg. 
Then Mirah’s little lip started to swell up.
 Her red mark on her face started to appear. 
 The screaming tears came…
and went.
 all in the name of a dozen colored eggs.
worth it.

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