Saying Bye bye to Branny and Leah

The morning of departure had sadly arrived. My bestest buddy, and his bestest lady were leaving, and we were all so sad.


We started our day with our Lego advent calendars, and said goodbye to our loves.


I need to take this moment to say, I love Brandon and Leah so much. When we are together there is always laughter and fun. Beyond all the happy, we are also so real. We have such a deep connection that we can talk about anything. I can be my real authentic self with them. There are SO few people in my life that I can be that way with. They are in that group. I never want to be apart from them. They are wonderful and warm and I love them forever.

Seeing them go makes my heart hurt, and looking at these pictures makes me sad again. Why can’t we be together every day!!??


Until next time!

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