St. Patties!

Happy St. Patric’s Day!
We got all dressed up in green to celebrate. I even got some tiny hats to wear!
Karl and Mirah.
 Hite Family!
 The sun was really super bright.
 Mirah was looking so super cute. 
 Kiss Me, I’m Irish!
 You could always kiss this guy…
It is Sunday so everyone so we were all dressed in our Sunday cloths. 
After church, ran home and grabbed the corned beef and mashed potatoes, picked up Chelsea and headed over to Nitsy’s place for dinner. 
The table was all set for the occasion. With holiday themed napkins and everything.
 Betsy was a fantastic host. She not only got sweet napkins, she also made sweet pots of gold. 
Yes, candy for everyone to take with them. 
The other pot of gold was her famous Pot of Gold Mac n’ Cheese. 
 She also made rainbow fruit scourers and provided green drinks. (They were a smooth key lime soda) Krysta brought a green salad.

 While we waited for dinner to begin, poor little Mirah was struggling  She missed her afternoon nap because of our late church schedule, and now was missing her make up nap because of the party.  The price we pay for a party. 🙂
 We brought the hats with us. Chelsea modeling. 
All of my moms babies. 😉
Looking good.
Baby booger looked great in his hat. (also, I have nver been double photo bombed before. Nick and Karen…)
 This is Daren, Corrine and Paul’s little boy. He has a hat on. He moved it off just as I took the picture.
 Judah and Daren. 
 Something super cute.
Quickly after this we started dinner. Judah had some of everything.
 Karen and Daren at the kids table.
 Krysta and Belle.
 Karl and Mirah.
 Mirah eating some holiday themed food. (Green Beans.)
 As the adults were finishing dinner, the kids were starting to go nuts. Betsy the genius had anticipated this and did a froot loop rainbow necklace craft with the kids. 
 Paul and Mia with the Final Project.
 Judah was being so stinking cute tonight. 
 After an amazing dinner and hilarious conversation we started dessert. 
Green Jello with mint chocolate chip ice cream. It turns out that mint and chip ice cream does similar things to children, as alcohol does to adults. The room got very loud by the end. Also, there was some argument about Jello: A side or a Dessert? What do you think? I say dessert.
Hope you too had a great holiday!
May the luck of the Irish be with you!

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