Dino DNA!

So while we were at the Beehive Bazaar a year or so ago we saw some plastic animals with plants in them. We saw these plastic dinosaurs for a dollar at Target and wanted to do little herb garden in them. 
I picked a Stegosaurus, Karl chose a T-Rex

It took so work with a Dremel, but we got them all haloed out. 
Me, hard at work.

 Oh my gosh I love this kid. These pictures just make me laugh so hard. 

 Almost there. 
Next step, out to the garden to fill them with dirt.
Then, we should have done this before filling them with dirt, we drilled a drain hole in the bottom.
We put in the Basil seeds.
Note, this is a TERRIBLE brad on seeds, most of the seeds were unusable.
The final product on the window sill. 

 We found these on etsy. $18!
And, of couse because no blog would be complete with out a little Mirah:
This is her favorite place to hang out. She loves to crawl over and climb on these suit cases.
That is the sicker for this new onesie we bought her today. 
 It has little bikes on it.

Finally, a new trick. She has been really exploding with vocabulary recently. She learned the sign for Milk today. She has used it a ton with out having to be prompted. She knows the signs for “more” and “all done” too. This week she even started to call me “mama,” and yes this brought tears to my eyes. Why do babys alway learn Dada first? We are now trying to teach her please and thank you. We will see how she does. 🙂 One sign that she has started coupling with a word it “Hi” or “Hiya,” or “Hey.” She greets everyone everywhere she goes. She waves and says “Hey.” Sometimes she will just sit and say, hi to me for ten minutes straight. I think she has started to look for more people to say hi to, and has begun to play phone. Not just with the cell phones, but with everything. Puzzle pieces and here in this video with a little bicycle pillow Karl made for her before she was born from scraps leftover from her texture blanket.  It’s a 30 second video, and she says hi, hiya, hello and hi. Enjoy.

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