Pi Day & Di E Veres

So it is that time of the year again. 
Spring time with Hitler in Germany!
Oh I mean The Day of Spring in Albabian AND Pi Day!
We decided to do a super Pie day. Home made Pizza Pie and apple pie from Village Inn. 
 Super great!
 We of course did bracelets. ( Also, I am looking terrible these days. I have a stye on my right eye and I just had a pre melenoma burnt off of my face…I look crazy.) 
Karl’s bracelet.  
We even made one for Mirah. It was a task to get it on her wrist.
 Mission accomplished.
 We will see who wins this year!
 This is a big eyed messy face.
 It took several hours to be ready to eat again. We had apple. It was a compromise. I wanted tripple berry, Karl wanted cherry.  
Hope you all had a great Pi day!

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