Days 11 & 12

The Chevron
Sorry for the combo, but on the 12th we had a late start and a late finish so we didn’t get a picture. This mustache is probably the most wearable ‘stache that Karl has worn. He trimmed it, cut off the sides, and evened it out a bit.
This could also be called The Endangered Species.  Only because I was starting to doubt how much longer this whole mustache thing would last. 
Karl is getting super sick of it all, and I am remembering all of the reasons he has never done this before. He hates having a mustache. He hates to shave every day. He hates the fact that his food has to touch his mustache to get into his mouth. He hates having food in his mustache. He hates people constantly asking him about it. 

When I told him about my realization he thought about it for a minute.  We talked about how he liked having facial hair. He has worn a beard off and on since he graduated from college. He then came to the realization him self that “it’s actually just that the mustache the worst part of a beard.”  You may have noticed that he is letting his stubble grow longer and longer.  I took this as a sign that he was giving up on the experiment.

When I asked him if he was going to give up, my sister Chelsea who was with us at the time interjected, “NO, you can’t. I love your mustache, plus the month is almost half over.” We all were surprised at this realization and I think that it has given Karl a small second wind. 
PS: That was a real downer of a post, so here are some of the “reject” shots from this mustache to make you feel better.

I love this guy.

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