Mustache March

Karl has never seriously worn a mustache. There have been several hilarious attempts.

  One such attempt was here in November 2003:

 Karl tells us about it in his own words:
It was the day of the Brawley Cattle Call parade. Let’s just say that there are a lot of cowboy hats. I had about a week’s growth and wanted to trim it into something tough looking. It didn’t work, so I used some artificial enhancements. You can’t tell above, but I’d also gotten my hair cut into almost a mullet. It was as close as I could get.
 Here, I’m playing up the redneck aspect.
(That is a spatula of Nacho Cheese)
And below, I’m inspired by the Brawny man:

Not sure what I’m going for here…

Wanted to get my boots in frame
Yes, if you were wondering I did use a permanent marker.

Best Mullet Shot:

Pass the mic back to Allison–

Hi again.
Then there was Christmas 2010. Karl shaved his beard into a mustache so to go and see True Grit with Zac. It was pretty gritty. 

Karl will often shave his beard down into a mustache when he feels that it is getting “too shaggy” and simply start over again. Here are Mirah and Karl going out to the car after one such morning of shaving. This btw was the first time Mirah had ever seen/ touched snow.
Then of course there are other adventures with facial hair such as this day last December when Qualtrics was on the cusp of corporate shutdown for the year. If they met their quarterly sales goal, everyone would get the rest of the year off. Karl shaved this way to rally the sales teams and show his support on the day they were about to hit their goal. 
But Mustache March is going to be a month long experiment. We, meaning mostly me, want to see how well Karl can really pull off a mustache.  Could it be an actual way to live? Could Karl be not just a guy with a beard, but a man with a mustache? We will see. We will take a picture every morning of that days mustache.
Day One:
The Handle Bar/Cartoon Villain / Old-timey Strong Man

Note: Karl used pomade to get that great curl at the tip of his mustache.

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